Meet Julia Young

Hi! I'm Julia Young. I live in a small town between Atlanta and Birmingham. I am to married the love of my life. I have always had a love for anything to do with a camera growing up in a family with photographer parents. So naturally I grew up in front of the camera but eventually found myself behind it. Once I started filming and learning more about videography it became my passion. I now film weddings, baby births, and product videos. Contact me and let's make some magic!

My Work

I strive to make my films clean, organic, romantic, emotional, and cinematic. I am so thrilled I get to be apart of moments that take our breath away and make our hearts skip a beat. We all know the saying a picture tells a thousand words, with that being said I felt like with videography you are able to tell millions and millions. It takes you back to that moment, it brings back all the emotions way more than a picture can because it makes you feel like you are there again. I’m so honored I get to help you relive the most special moments in your life.

A wedding day is so personal, I think of all my clients as friends. I would love to meet with in person or FaceTime and get to know about both of you and what you love about each other.